Enter if you dare into the spiritual world of light vs. dark, battling and clashing in an all-out war for the American Christian Church where good is called evil and evil good. Nothing is as it seems. The account relayed in Broken: A True Story of Spiritual Abuse is not for the faint of heart or timid of soul.

Hear the story of one young American missionary woman to Asia and her encounter with the forces of darkness. Sabotage, betrayal, and deception lurk around every corner, beaming through the smiling faces of every friendly foe and threatening to assassinate true servants of the Lord. Learn how this woman stood the test of faith amidst the perfect storm and took steps toward recovery.

Discover further within these pages the fallen state of mainstream Christianity’s spiritual leadership in the American nation and the open doors to enemy infiltration in its organizations. A weakened, counterfeit Church is sweeping masses into the pit of hell, whilst the gospel of Jesus Christ has been tainted and set aside by an entourage of wolves in sheep’s clothing in pulpits across the nation.

In these pages you will read the exposing of ungodly “systems” within Christian organizations and the “95 Modern Theses” meant to counteract the behaviors and ideologies of these men and women currently steering the Church to an early grave—amidst the cackling delight of pure evil bent on total annihilation. An explanation of dark deeds serves to shed light on compromise in order to precede awakening, searching of Scriptures, illumination, purification, and reformation. The hour is urgent as judgment draws nigh. Will the Christian Church rise to the occasion?